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Health Care Interiors' track systems are supplied with 2.4 carriers per linear foot, a plastic end stop, an aluminum 2-1/2" drop-out end and wrap-around type splices for bend, which eliminate splice problems. Additional carriers may be required based on curtain fullness and may be purchased separately. All hardware is sized to your specification. Unless specified otherwise, all straight track will be cut at an 84" maximum to allow shipment via UPS.


Health Care Interiors' track is surface mounted type and can also be suspended. Our track is manufactured of extruded aluminum (6063-T5 alloy with clear commercial anodized finish) 1-1/4" x 7/8" OD. Carrier slot in track is 0.385 width to allow for insertion of a hex head driver for #8 hex head screws. Splicer is of the same material as track and have ID of .005 + or - the OD of the track and is of sleeve type to fit all four (4) sides of the track. Premium roller carriers and drop carriers are of wide body design stainless steel axle and hooks. Both premium and economy carriers, OD of body are greater than OD of wheel for stability and "jam free" operation. All carriers meet NFPA Code #4-2.5.2., and are made of non-conductive material so constructed as to be completely isolated from stray electrical currents. End stop to be molded cap to fit ID of track and can be fastened with screws to prevent drop out. Drop out ends are supplied for track butting walls or other objects and can be installed as to allow for easy carrier removal.

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