Quilted Bedspreads

Bedding for a Variety of Healthcare Facilities

HC Interiors manufactures custom bedspreads specifically for the special needs of healthcare facilities. Customers can choose from many fabric patterns, colors, and textures to suit any design scheme.

Quilted Bedspread Specifications

Our standard quilted bedspreads use 6 oz. polyester fiber-fill, a double onion pattern, and 100% polyester backing.

Box n' Dots CopperBox n' Dots
Box n' Dots Brown Brown
Box n' Dots Copper Copper
Box n' Dots Indigo Indigo
Branches CopenBranches
Branches Copen Copen
Branches Spruce Spruce
Branches Wheat Wheat
Jaunty Burst GreyJaunty Burst
Jaunty Burst Green Green
Jaunty Burst Grey Grey
Jaunty Burst Turquoise Turquoise
Morocco MochaMorocco
Morocco Buff Buff
Morocco Carolina Carolina
Morocco Cork Cork
Morocco Emerald Emerald
Morocco Garnet Garnet
Morocco Grey Grey
Morocco Mocha Mocha
Morocco Sapphire Sapphire
Morocco Spruce Spruce
Paisley SteelPaisley
Paisley Buff Buff
Paisley Fern Fern
Paisley Spruce Spruce
Paisley Steel Steel
Vines Blue Ivory Blue
Vines Brown Taupe Brown
Vines Moss Ivory Moss
Vines Taupe Ivory Taupe
Wonderquilt NavyWonderquilt
Wonderquilt Air Force Blue Air Force Blue
Wonderquilt Beige Beige
Wonderquilt Burgundy Burgundy
Wonderquilt Forest Forest
Wonderquilt Navy Navy
Wonderquilt Sage Sage

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